I would like to acknowledge the significant contributions of the following individuals:

Beto O'Rourke for introducing me to Tracy Yellen and for always taking the time to listen and do what he can to help.


Tracy Yellen and Paso del Norte Foundation for agreeing to be the project's fiscal sponsor and for providing invaluable mentorship.


Selena Solis, friend and fellow parent, for offering the first encouraging words and suggesting I contact Adair Margo.


Adair Margo, accomplished and tireless promoter of the Arts, for embracing the project and introducing me to Gaspar Enriquez.


Gaspar Enriquez for wanting to get involved, introducing me to the murals of El Paso and the community of San Elizario, spending time on the project without any promise of its fulfillment, and for being a constant partner through it all.


Dr. Michael Tomor, Director of the El Paso Museum of Art, for taking the time to explain fundraising and offering to help advise.


MG Dana Pittard (previous), LTG Sean MacFarland (previous), and MG Stephan Twitty (current) Fort Bliss Commanding Generals, for their support of the project. 


Mrs. Lynda MacFarland for agreeing to act as communications facilitator for the senior spouses at Fort Bliss and for encouraging me to continue to pursue fiscal sponsorship.


Mark Cauthers, Melinda "Lindy" Sorrell (previous), and Eric Hildreth of Fort Bliss' Moral Welfare and Recreation (MWR) for their enthusiasm for bringing murals to the Soto Fitness Center.


Dr. Robert Ruiz (previous) and COL Marc Caouette (current), Commander of the Mendoza Soldier Family Care Center, for obtaining the permission of William Beaumont and for supporting the project.


John Scenters-Zapico, my first dissertation director and then Director of the University Writing Center (UWC) at University of Texas at El Paso, for adding the project to the mission statement of the UWC and offering his support.